Coming to the end of the year! 

It has been a great 2013 so far! This leg of the Selena Gomez "Stars Dance Tour" is almost over and it has been great. It has been filled with great people and amazing places! There is still a lot more going on before the end of the year though, like a Halftime performance for the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day with Selena Gomez. We also will be performing at a couple of Jingle Ball concerts around the US in December and a New Years show as well. If you want to keep updated on whats happening click on some…

Selena Gomez World Tour 

 Hello again! Im currently on the Stars Dance World Tour with Selena Gomez and things have been pretty amazing so far. We just finished the Canadian leg of the tour and now I'm wrtiting this update from the dressing room at our venue in Stockholm, Sweden. The shows have been great and the fans have been amazing! If you are at all interested in seeing any updates from the road click the twitter link on the page and check it out as we go.

Hello 2013 

It has been quite a while since my last update, I have to get better with this whole "internet" thing that seems to be taking off... Anyways 2013 has been great so far! I started the year busy with musical directing for Zade Dirani, which was a blast. I have also been playing with Selena Gomez, including some TV shows to support her new single "Come and Get It'. Some of them are on the live videos page, check em out! I have a lot of more exciting stuff coming up including dates and more television promo…

Beta Bass Testing, Leno, Albums, Magazine Ads, Kazakhstan?!?! 

So much has happend since the last update! I have had some amazing shows since the Australia tour with Macy Gray (including a one-off in Kazakhstan, yes it exists), and this monday we start the Macy Gray winter world tour! Also the latest album I recorded with Macy Gray, "Talking Book" released, which we also performed on Jay Leno to promote. I put up links to both if you wanted to check either out :) There are a couple of other albums that I have worked on as well, when they release I will put the links…

Macy Gray Australia Tour 2012 

Australia! Its the first day and all I can say so far is Australia is amazing. Check out my social media things to see pics that I will be posting along the way. First show is also tonight, a sold out show at the Sydney Opera House!